The limited cross-linker for MACRO11 PDP-11 assembler (gzipped sources, 2K), it can't be directly used from Microsoft Windows — see note.

Notepad+4 BK0011 edition v1 revision 4 (bzipped disk image, 51K). This is a lightweight and simple text editor written in Basic for ANDOS. It supports the work with any text files. It may edit, in particular, a text with any line length. Just run NP4.COM. Screenshots.

Reduced Basic compiler v0.02 for BK0011. It supports a lot of keywords from BK0010 ROM Basic and even several keywords from BK0011 ROM Basic. It also provides the several new features: byte file io, full support for the string type, etc. However some old features are missed: the real numbers, graphics, ... The compiler is available via sources (23K), a small exe-file for Microsoft Windows without support of the optimization (249K), the complete version for the Microsoft Windows (1748K).

32/64-bit Xlife ported to 8/16-bit world!

The number π calculator is here (the sources are included). The archive contains versions for БK0010, БK0011, and RT-11.