MultiStream text Editor v2.02 (mse) — C++ sources for any platform with make and g++. Documentation src (67K) EXE (94K)

Russian texts convertor (DOS, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, Unicode) v1.08 (rucnv) with C++ sources for any platform. Info src (15K) EXE (66K)

Commodore Plus/4 Emulator `Forever?' v1.42 — DOS executable and Flat Assembler sources.

Little MultiLanguage Support — DOS executable and Turbo Assembler sources. Info src+EXE (20K)

Little Removable Reprogrammable Keyboard Driver — DOS executables and Turbo Pascal+Assembler sources. src+EXE (52K)

Little Removable Screen Font Driver — DOS executables and Turbo Assembler sources. src+EXE (28K)

FD&AC — Frequency Dictionary and Automatic Concordance for an arbitrary alphabet with sources (C or Pascal). src+EXE (266K)

Extra Font Editor — DOS/Microsoft Windows executables and Turbo Assembler sources (it can find and edit matrix font data in any type of file). src+EXE (27K)

UMB in Shadow RAM driver (v1.04) for some chipsets (VLSI, OPTI, SiS, UMC, ...). The best way to utilize all availabale RAM for DOS applications. src+SYS (49K)