Emotional stories about processors for first computers

Using Linux Kernel Sequence Files


MultiStream text Editor v2.02 (mse) — C++ sources for any platform with make and g++. Documentation src EXE (94K)

Russian texts convertor (DOS, MS-Windows, Linux, Unix, Unicode) v1.08 (rucnv) with C++ sources for any platform. Info src EXE (66K)

TEX and friends

Find all words in the 4x4 square. X Window version of the BSD boggle word search game. Tcl/Tk sources and Russian dictionary. src (115K)

XLife: A Cellular-Automaton Laboratory (for any platform with imake, make, XLib, and g++). This is the update of XLife of 1989–1997. C sources, documentation, pattern library, etc.

Github projects.

Software for DOS and Microsoft Windows Console.

Software for the retro platforms.

The Zebra Puzzle with the solution in Prolog

Some old games solutions

2x2=5 is very sweetheart thing sometimes.
Underground man Dostoevsky F. M.