Looks like I'm 'a do everything myself
Maybe I could use some help
But hell, you want something done right
You gotta do it yourself
Limp Bizkit `Boiler'

This emulator can be run only in the MS-DOS compatible environment (FreeDOS, PTS-DOS, DR-DOS, ...).

It has several strong points:

Its weak points are:

NOTE! Since version 1.17 this emulator is incompatible with Microsoft Windows GUI. Users of Windows 95/98/Me must use DOS mode. A way to run the emulator for Windows NT/2000/XP, Linux, FreeBSD, ... users is the creation of a DOS boot disk or bootable CD-ROM.

The emulator is compatible with DosBox system but you will need at least 8 GHz CPU for 100% C+4 speed with proper sound. However Dosbox can run this emulator with full speed without sound even at 2 GHz CPU.

It is also possible to use the universal virtualization application running with AMD/Intel PC CPU (VirtualBox, QEMU+KVM, ...) to run this emulator without sound. It requires only 200 MHz CPU for 100% speed.

This program (since version 1.18) is distributed under GNU General Public License.

In the 1996 when I started to create this program I thought it will be the first and the last. But at least 7 different emulators exist now! In the 1997 I'd made last major changes in this my program. I've added some improvements since 2003.

Thanks to Attila Grosz I can get my unique plus/4 programs. They are here. All are free.

The convertion CBM Plus/4 Hardware Manual to PDF (77K, easy to read, to find, to print). A lot of thanks to Tibor Biczo who provided original images and much other useful information.

See also C=+4 info sheet (152 K) which creation was inspired by ``The Complete Commodore Inner Space Anthology'' by Karl J. H. Hildon.

May someone find useful this map (164 K) for Saboteur scanned from Polish magazine "Komputer" (3/1987)?

It's another map (16 K) here for the C16/+4 versions of Storm.

Is it possible to save unique Commodore characters from the oblivion? See this page.

This is SUPER-PRG-MERGER which can merge two PRG-files into one. The size of combined file may exceed 60KB!

A raw demo of the hi-res fast dot drawing subroutine with rather bad poetry and a bit crude calligraphy is here (16K).

Fixed for the work with C1551 (at 2012) Turbo Macro assembler converted (from c64) by Csory at 1992 in a zip file (12K).

Numeric keyboard mod for C16/+4 via joyport, German Run magazine 3/1987 pages 40 (246 KB, png) and 42 (331 KB, png).

C+4 Test Suite v2 (converted and modified Wolgang Lorenz's C64 Test Suite v2.15) for the emulators tests: 2 D64 zipped images (54 KB), bzipped sources (22 KB), documentation.

GEOS snapshots — 1988-2013.

2013 postcard. Border only graphics. NTSC on PAL demo — a zip file (2K). 30x288 grey pixels. It is ugly. However could you make better? BTW it forces CPU to work at 2.22MHz!

0–36 rows text demo. PAL only. It is here (src).

231 colors on PAL screen demo. It is here.

Test pairs of colors from 233 colors of C16 PAL palette with this utility.

32/64-bit Xlife ported to 8 bit world!

Scans of the most informative pages of "Das Maschinensprachebuch zu C16, C116 und Plus/4"

It is very odd that Commodore which started the era of the text processors missed an ordinary plain text editor. This program `Notepad+4 (version 1 revision 6)' is an attempt to make right thing but after more than 30 years. There is also a source file in the plain text format. See also the several screenshots.

The number π calculator is here (the sources are included). It can run also with Commodore 64, 128 or SuperCPU-64.

Reduced Commodore Basic 3.5 compiler with Italian Flavor v0.02.