To Russian

A User's Manual for MetaPost (version 1.004) in Russian,
714 kb pdf. CTAN.

A User's Manual for MetaPost in Russian [LaTEX sources],
187 kb zip. CTAN.

A LaTEX macropackage LCYW v1.1 for `fontenc' to support Russian language. It is compatible with `babel' package. It supports only Russian alphabet and all OT1 Knuth's symbols. Virtual Type 1 fonts are used with pdf support. These fonts are part of almost all TEX distributions. All required documentation is provided.
115 kb zip. CTAN.

A simple macropackage for plain TEX to support Russian language. It uses koi8-r as default encoding for texts but this can be easily changed to other encoding. It provides support for different fonts sizes and shapes.
24 kb zip.

Very simple turtle's pseudographics with documentation & an example.
5kb zip.

Unicode True Type font Cyberbase support for LaTEX at T2A encoding. Glyphs. Example.

AFMtoENC utility for automatic enc-file generation for the given TEX encoding. It allows fast ttf (Type 1 fonts, ...) installation. C++ sources, MS-EXE (379 kb).