XLife v6.6.1 sources (156K)

XLife v6.5.5 sources (158K)

XLife v6.4.2u sources (291K)

XLife v6.3 sources (276K)

XLife v6.2 sources (276K)

XLife v6.1 sources (296K)

XLife v6.0 sources (285K)

OpenBSD XLife v5.3

Patch (2K) for xlife-3.5; Microsoft Windows port

Debian patch (34K) for xlife-5.0

Xlife 3.0 + patch (169K); Microsoft Windows port (W-Life 2.0)

Xlife 2.0 + patch (107K); The Commodore Amiga port (AXLife 1.2); Microsoft Windows port (W-Life 1.0) -
- for some mystyrious reasons this host doesn't allow a link to this resource

Xlife 1.0 + patch (52K)